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The product features safety during operation. The water treatment system and water treatment accessories all have been certificated by CE. .
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Best 5L to 10L water filling machine Company - Sokos
Sokos Best 5L to 10L water filling machine Company - Sokos,Professional Certificate,China's filling machine base has the most mature and latest technology, and has the ability to manufacture the entire filling production line. It is strong. If you are interested, please contact us
Best Water treatment equipment Factory Price - Sokos
Sokos Best Water treatment equipment Factory Price - Sokos,Factory price,Our company is a manufacturer specializing in the production of filling machines, with more than ten years of industry experience, and our products cover 56 countries around the world
China Water treatment system-RO fifter/Ultra-filtration/Activated carbon filter manufacturers - Sokos
Sokos China Water treatment system-RO fifter/Ultra-filtration/Activated carbon filter manufacturers - Sokos,24 years' experience in Beverage Machinery,Our company is a manufacturer specializing in the production of filling machines, with more than ten years of industry experience, and our products cover 56 countries around the world
Hollow filber filter
Ultra-filtration (Ultra-filtration, UF) is a membrane separation technology that can purify and separate solutions. The ultrafiltration membrane system is a solution separation device with ultrafiltration membrane filaments as the filter medium and the pressure difference on both sides of the membrane as the driving force. Ultrafiltration membranes only allow solvents (such as water molecules), inorganic salts, and small-molecule organics in the solution to pass through, while retaining macromolecular substances such as suspended solids, colloids, proteins and microorganisms in the solution to achieve the purpose of purification or separation.
Active carton filter
DescriptionWater purification system for drinking water, it's mainly used for get pure water, mineral water, pre-treated water for all kinds of beverage. It can effectively get ride of suspended matters, smell and color in raw source water, meanwhile, it also filter substance, such as organics, mircoorganism, chloride, colloidal particles, and residual chlorine. Besides, this system filters heave metal ion to reduce the hardness of the water to make the water quality fully meet the drinking water standard.Features1)Adopts imported RO membrane from America, which can remove 99.7% inorganic salt, heavy metal ion and completely get rid of colloid, microbiology organic materials, germ, protozoa, pathogens, bacteria, inorganic chemical and so on.2) No need to add any chemicals, stable pure water quality, and no pollution drained, low produce cost.3) Equipped with pretreatment system, such as active carbon absorption filter and PP sediment filter.4) 304 stainless steel rack and pipe accessories connection.5) Equipped with auto pressure protection system and on -line monitor.6) Automatically and manually wash RO membrane. Also the design of washing the RO membrane is by chemical solution (citric acid or sodium hydroxide optional).7) The lifespan of the whole system is long, operation simple, the applicability is strong
RO filter
More than 97% soluble salts and 99%glues, microbe, particulate and organic substances and etc can be removed with the reverse osmosis. It becomes the most idea equipment for the modem program of pure water, hyper pure water, and airspace water. The remarkable characteristics of the equipment are shown as lower energy consumption, no pollution, simple techniques, high water quality, easy operation and maintenance.
Customized Aluminum bottle filling machine manufacturers From China
Sokos Customized Aluminum bottle filling machine manufacturers From China,Professional Certificate,suitable for filling a variety of beverages, such as juice, water, carbonated drinks, etc.At present, the products have certain preferential policies, and you can call us for detailed plans.
Client‘s production line
Client's feedbackour machines have been applied to their water production line.Automatic 3-in-1 pet bottle carbonated drinks washing fiiling capping machine1. The Can Filling Machine consists of automatic can washing machine, negative pressure filling machine, automatic capping machine and conveying system.2. The Beer Can Filling Machine is madeof high quality SUS304. Main components are processed precisely by CNC machine tool.3. The Soda Can Filling Machine adopts advanced photoelectricity to detect running status. No bottle bo filling, it is possible to realize man-machine conversation.
Best Quality automatic 24-24-8 small bottle water filling machine Factory
Sokos Best Quality automatic 24-24-8 small bottle water filling machine Factory,Professional CertificateAdvantages1.Professional technology2.Modern factory workshop3.Professional Certificate4.Exported to more than 50 countriesAbout SokosZhangjiagang Sokos machinery co., LTD. is located in zhangjiagang city, Jiangsu Province, China which is one of the professional manufacturer of liquid filling equipment for over 24 years experience in this field. Sokos Machinery has the general management office, sales department, the finance department and production workshop. All departments work together and the team is unified;Committed to serving domestic and foreign customers; Sokos has Modern factory workshop; More than 10 technical engineers and debugging engineers; Provide the most professional technical services; Production lines include: water production line, juice, tea beverage production line, gas-filled beverage production line, beer complete filling production line. Supporting all different Auxiliary machine such as: automatic blow molding machine, labeling machine, packing machine as so on. Sokos Machine not only sold well in China, but also exported to dozens of countries. have installed our production line in more than 50 countries and regions. Sokos provides turn-key projects, and warmly welcomes people from all over the world to come to our company for inspection and guidance. Achieve win-win cooperation!
Sokos participated in Indonesia's largest packaging exhibition
In November 2019, Sokos participated in Indonesia's largest packaging exhibition. In 4 days, we accepted an interview with a local TV station. We have received hundreds of customers' inquiries, and the quality of the machine has been affirmed by customers. The CGF 32-32-10 machine on display was sold on the spot.
Production Line Of Fruit Juice Aerated Beverage Botswana customers
Customers living in Botswana also operate machinery trade in many other African countries.He not only purchased the equipment for the production line of fruit juice aerated beverage from our company, but also asked us to help us to inspect and purchase other equipment he needed. Such trust comes from our good machine quality and after-sales service.We have been working together for 4 years, and we will continue to cooperate happily.
Sleeve labeling  machine
Sleeve labeling machine is one of the equipment with high technical content in the back-end packaging. Its excellent high-speed stability, unique dexterous design, and safety mode of human-machine coordination have been fully affirmed by customers. Application areas: food, beverages And the pharmaceutical industry, condiments, daily chemical products, juice, injection needles, milk, refined oil, etc.Voltage: 1.  Host machine; AC220V, 50/60HZ, 3KW, single-phase2.  Production speed: 9000 b/h as 100mm label. The standard length of label is 300mm and the speed can be adjusted accord to customer’s requirements. The speed will be faster if the label is shorter.4.  Diameter of bottle body : ∮40mm-∮100mm5.  Length of label: 100mm6.  Thickness of label: 0.045mm7.  Material of label: PVC, PET, OPS8.  Delivery time: with 25 days

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