Widely used in beverage, food, medicine and chemical supplies and other combined packaging.No matter square, round, flat can be packed, intuitive effect is very good, is the first choice of beer filling production line supporting equipment.

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Automatic PE Film Shrink Wrapping Beverage Bottle Cans Jar Packaging Machine.

The sealing adopts advanced structure of heat sealing. The sealing is firm, the edge is neat, the suture performance is good, noflutter.Linear bottle feeding, small space occupation, convenient layout, smooth delivery, high efficiency.

1)-Conveyer System.

All transmission systems are controlled by frequency-varying devices.Stable and smooth transfer speed.

2)-Protection function.

Comprehensive protection function, when there is an obstacle in the sealing and cutting place, the equipment will be protected,and the alarm will be given at the same time to prevent the packaging from being damaged.
Using plastic steel chain network form conveyor belt, long-term use of no deformation, small runout, stable transmission.

3)- Hot air diversion circulation system

Shrinking machine adopts unique patent hot air diversion circulation system, air flow is adjustable, natural recovery of heat energy, the patented furnace structure not only to achieve good packaging effect, but also to play the best role in energy saving.

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shrink warpping machine
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