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Main Features of Ink Jet Printer:

1.We usually design to spurt the Industrial Inkjet Printer and production line installed together, so that when the products after spraying, the continuous inkjet printer can print required information. The use of electric eye can guarantee the printing and products appear synchronous.

2.The continuous Industrial Inkjet Printer is consists of a chassis and a spray head. An electronic component, an ink system ,a power supply, and a display screen are in the box. The nozzle of the continuous ink printer is connected to the back of the machine through a flexible pipe.

Applicable industry: The Industrial Inkjet Printer is widely applied in drinks, food, wine, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, pipes, floor, seeds, lubrication oil and external packaging industry field has been widely used.

Applied materials: The Industrial Inkjet Printer is widely applied in paper, plastic products, metal, glass, wood.





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Machine's Parameters
Nozzle Height15mm
Print Height1-15mm
Print Rows1-6 lines English numbers, 1-6 lines Chinese characters. Both big and small characters can be printed
Print SpeedThe speed can reach 35 meters per minute online, and the speed will not be affected by the increase of rows.
Printing Accuracy200 DPI
Printing FontsThere are more than ten high-definition Chinese and English fonts, which can by changed and increased according to users needs.
Printing GraphicsYou can print various kinds of trademark logo, graphics transmission will not be restricted by aspect ratio and length.
Input ModeHandwriting or Letter input
Automatic PrintingDate, time, batch number, class type, serial number, etc.
Bar-Code FunctionIt can print a variety of bar code, QR code which include Chinese QR code.
Ink ColorBlack, red, white, blue, UV invisible ink.
Printing InkQuick-setting ink or oil-based ink, no need connect with gas source or solvent (ink is environment-friendly)
DatabaseDownload printing dynamic data or dynamic bar code by using U-disk.
Storage InformationU disk storage, which can store tens of thousands of jet printing information.
Printing LengthEach message can reach more than 200 characters
External InterfaceWith import and export functions, USB interface can directly read files in U disk.
Packing Measurement58x28x 44cm; Gross weight:14KG
Power Requirement200AC±10%,50HZ

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