Inventory of new bottled water products newly released in 2021


In today's trend, bottled water has become an indispensable consumable.The packaged drinking water industry will enter an era of rapid development. According to the current domestic situation, mineral water is very likely to be iteratively upgraded to natural mineral water.

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Looking at China's domestic beverage industry in the first half of the year, most brands have launched new mineral water products, and they have been iteratively upgraded according to the perspectives of use, crowd, and brand linkage.

Wuyi Mountain Tea Mountain Spring Water was jointly researched and launched by Nongfu Spring and the Tea Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. At the same time, the recommended standard for who makes tea is determined: conductivity 10-100μS/cm.

This is a good idea. Nowadays, various water plants abound in China, and iterate new products through market segmentation, water source and professional research.

Moreover, the launch of the new product coincides with the spring tea season in March. For the announcement of new products, very good results will be achieved.

In addition to water sources, professional research. Some iterative upgrades can also be carried out from the outer packaging. The new product released by the mineral water brand VOSS has a bright red packaging design that is eye-catching. It's very exciting.

The product can also be upgraded based on water demand. Ipoh has now completed the layout of multi-specification packaging water with a capacity of 350ml~12.8L. Among them, 6L and 12.8L are products launched for the domestic water market

In terms of linkage, taking Yineng as an example, they launched a special edition of natural mineral water for cities in China. Link the scenery of each city to the packaging of the product. Some cities also launched their own image co-branded bottled water. For example, Chongqing. Launched the Chongqing image "Pure Yue" co-branded bottle, a total of 6 models. Draw the famous scenic spots of Chongqing on the bottle. Show the charm of Chongqing's landscape to tourists.

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