Customized Fully automatic 20000BPH carbonated beverage production line manufacturers From China
Sokos Customized Fully automatic 20000BPH carbonated beverage production line manufacturers From China,Modern factory workshop,China's filling machine base has the most mature and latest technology, and has the ability to manufacture the entire filling production line. It is strong. If you are interested, please contact us
Client‘s production line
Client's feedbackour machines have been applied to their water production line.Automatic 3-in-1 pet bottle carbonated drinks washing fiiling capping machine1. The Can Filling Machine consists of automatic can washing machine, negative pressure filling machine, automatic capping machine and conveying system.2. The Beer Can Filling Machine is madeof high quality SUS304. Main components are processed precisely by CNC machine tool.3. The Soda Can Filling Machine adopts advanced photoelectricity to detect running status. No bottle bo filling, it is possible to realize man-machine conversation.
Production Line Of Fruit Juice Aerated Beverage Botswana customers
Customers living in Botswana also operate machinery trade in many other African countries.He not only purchased the equipment for the production line of fruit juice aerated beverage from our company, but also asked us to help us to inspect and purchase other equipment he needed. Such trust comes from our good machine quality and after-sales service.We have been working together for 4 years, and we will continue to cooperate happily.
BestQuality Pet Bottle Blowing Machine Korean Customers
Korean customer is a manufacturer of various pet bottles. I purchased the standard machine for the second time.The machine has been used for several years and the customer said it is very easy to use. And we also introduced several major customers. He said we would work together all the time.

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