Sokos |  ro water

Sokos | ro water

More than 97% soluble salts and 99%glues, microbe, particulate and organic substances and etc can be removed with the reverse osmosis. It becomes the most idea equipment for the modem program of pure water, hyper pure water, and airspace water. The remarkable characteristics of the equipment are shown as lower energy consumption, no pollution, simple techniques, high water quality, easy operation and maintenance.


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The high-quality materials and exquisite workmanship contribute to the fine characteristics of the product. Under the spotlight, it can totally withstand all-dimensional inspection of visitors. Over 90% of them gave positive feedback on Water Treatment Machine product performance and appearance. The evacuation should be organized after the earthquake.Don't jump off the building! Don't stand outside the window! Don't go to the balcony! Class outdoors if necessary. 2 Family shock avoidanceThe earthquake warning time is short, and the indoor shock avoidance is more realistic. The triangular space formed after the collapse of the indoor house is often a relatively safe place for people to survive.Factory price In this way, the product quality is guaranteed from the source. At present, the product has been tested to be of Sokos and other properties.Sokos ro water has been tested by adopting advanced pieces of equipment which includes a thermal conductivity analyzer, optical microscopy, and water penetration tester.


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(3)You are welcome to our factory at any time.

● The meaning of visiting supplier, because seeing is believing, SOKOS MACHINERY with own manufacture and developed& research team, we can send you engineers and make sure your after sales service.

(2)Other ways to find sokos machinery

● Visit exhibition in different countries. ● Send NEWPEAK MACHINERY an request and tell your basic inquiry. ● SOKOS MACHINERY sales manager will reply you in short time and add instant chatting tool.

(6)The after-sale service of SOKOS MACHINERY.

● After finish the production, we will debug the production line, take photos, videos and send them to customers via mail or instant tools. ● After the commissioning, we will package the equipment by standard export package for shipment. ● According to the customer's request, we can arrange our engineers to customers' factory to do the installation and training. ● Engineers, sales managers and after-sales service manager will form a after-sales team, online and off line, to follow the customers' project.

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