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Ultra-filtration (Ultra-filtration, UF) is a membrane separation technology that can purify and separate solutions. The ultrafiltration membrane system is a solution separation device with ultrafiltration membrane filaments as the filter medium and the pressure difference on both sides of the membrane as the driving force. Ultrafiltration membranes only allow solvents (such as water molecules), inorganic salts, and small-molecule organics in the solution to pass through, while retaining macromolecular substances such as suspended solids, colloids, proteins and microorganisms in the solution to achieve the purpose of purification or separation.


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It turns out that the application of the Bottle Blowing Machine plays an important role in deciding the performance of the product. Modern factory workshop At present, it can be widely seen in the field(s) of Ultra-filtration. For your idea and dry method, I don't think it is advisable, that is to say, whether you are technical or high or low, if you let the leader find out that you have done so, then they will definitely not use you in the future. If there is a safety accident. You belong to the destruction of safe production.First of all, deny the correctness of your practices.Modern factory workshop You can choose the ceiling or chandelier that is pleasing to the eye according to your own preferences. Just pay attention to it. the height of the chandelier should be matched! hollow fiber filter Ceiling LampJust pay attention to it. the height of the chandelier should be matched! SokosThis product is an option as an alternative to traditional real estate development. It will help in reducing carbon footprint.


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(4)How to guarantee your funds to be see and delivery to be on time?

● Through Alibaba letter guarantee service, it will ensure the on time delivery and the quality of the equipment you want to buy. ● By letter of credit, you can lock the delivery time easily. ● After the factory visit, You can ensure the facticity of our bank account.

(3)You are welcome to our factory at any time.

● The meaning of visiting supplier, because seeing is believing, SOKOS MACHINERY with own manufacture and developed& research team, we can send you engineers and make sure your after sales service.

(1)How to search sokos machinery.

● Search Alibaba, Made in China, Google, Youtube and find suppliers and manufactrue and not traders.

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