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A recent study published in the journal Reproductive Toxicology found that BPA is linked to female reproductive diseases such as endometrium, cystic ovary, fibroids and cancer. Some studies of PET in water bottles, plastic bags and food containers have found that after repeated use, it may release a compound-di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate-This is a suspected human carcinogenic substance.

Despite the expected impact of the Nozomi release, we see the continued increase in inkjet gross margin. Software Productivity fell 6% year on yearover-Due to the delay and transaction mentioned earlier by Guy, although there is a strong pipeline in the last month of the quarter. Fiery is up 9%-over-A year better than expected, but unfortunately, based on the feedback we received from our partners about their recent performance, this is not an indicator of future performance

Let the student cut out and paste the stars and moon in the upper half of the paper to represent the space. Then, let them paste the cut part of the Earth into the lower half of the paper. Students can draw meteors between Earth and space objects with yellow, orange, red or white crayons.

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