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Participant: Daniel Schumacher--Victoria M, Director of Investor RelationsHolt --John, president and Chief Executive Officer. Way --Chief Financial Officer Brian Blanche-William Blair --Jenson analysis-Piper Jaffray --Analysis of de Gaspie--Berenberg Capital-Analyst Danny egerridge-Craig-Hallum --All revenue phone records are more from Motley Fools. This article is the minutes of the conference call made for Motley Fools.

Not the injection node, repeat the calculation from step 3. 8. If all boundary node BN is not processed, the calculation is repeated from step 2. 3. 1 Flow Path concept flow path is the path tracked by particles when injected into the mold through the gate. For simple geometry that is not inserted, unbalanced flow will indicate that the flow path changes direction once a boundary is encountered.

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